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Use of Our Cookies

When accessing certain sites, a so- called “session cookie” is set. This relates to   a small text file, which is automatically deleted again by your computer at the end of your browser session. This file serves the exclusive purpose of being able to use specific applications. For the majority of web browsers, they can changes the settings so that your browser will not accept new cookies or you can have obtained cookies deleted. It is usually possible to find out how this works specifically for your browser, via its help function.

Server Log Files

As with any connection to a web server, the server of our webhosting provider records and stores specific technical information. This information includes the IP address and the operating system of your device, the dates, the access time, the type of browsers, as well as the browser query, including the origin of the query (Referrer). For technical reasons, this is necessary to make our website available to you. The webhosting provider protects this information with technical and organisational measures against unauthorised accesses and does not provide it to third parties.  To the extent that we process personal information here, we do this based on our interest in offering you the best possible user experience and ensuring the security and stability of our systems.